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                After SGS (UK) MID technical experts comprehensively, rigorously and carefully guide and review Acrel din rail energy meters, it is confirmed that the quality of ADL200 single-phase din rail energy meter produced by Jiangsu Acrel Electrical Manufacturing Co., LTD. complies with MID related standards, and on July 22, 2021, SGS (Finland) agency officially issued MID certificate(Certificate No. 0120/SGS0496) to our company. The MID certificate of Acrel ADL400 three-phase din rail energy meter is also in the process of obtaining evidence, which is expected to be completed in early September.



                The acquisition of the MID certificate this time is an affirmation of our company’s existing factory quality management system and product quality. Only by following the international quality requirements can we make products that satisfy customers, and we can only be a company that customers can trust. In order to continue to serve our customers!



                I wish Acrel's products will sell well in the European market and at the same time, we welcome all customers who are involved in the European market to make inquiries!



                MID小知識:MID Tip:

                計量器具指令(Measuring Instruments Directive,簡稱 MID)2014/32/EC,歐盟已在2004年4月30日*通報該指令,并于2006年的10月30日起強制實施,是歐盟用來監督管理計量器具的法規.

                Measuring Instruments Directive (MID) 2014/32/EC, the European Union has officially notified the directive on April 30, 2004, and will be enforced on October 30, 2006. It is used by the European Union for supervision and management. Regulations on measuring instruments.


                歐盟出臺計量器具指令(MID)是為了規范歐盟計量器具的單一市場, 消除歐盟內部的貿易壁壘, 以及更好地保護消費者. MID不僅是計量學的重要應用, 而且也是計量產品合格評定的重要法規,范圍覆蓋了歐盟市場95%的在歐盟市場上銷售的計量器具。

                The EU issued the Measuring Instruments Directive (MID) to regulate the EU's single market for measuring instruments, eliminate trade barriers within the EU, and better protect consumers. MID is not only an important application of metrology, but also an important part of the conformity assessment of measurement products. The regulations cover 95% of the measuring instruments sold on the EU market in the EU market.


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